Thursday, June 17, 2010

Letter from Brigham Young to Erastus Bingham

       This is a letter from Brigham Young to Erastus Bingham dated August 13th, 1853. Erastus was serving as Bishop of the Ogden First Ward and the letter discusses the tithing of the wheat crop of his ward. Erastus Bingham is the great great great grandson of Thomas Bingham (my 8th great grandfather) 1642-1730 who came to the United States in 1649 with his mother. This Thomas Bingham's father, who was also Thomas Bingham, died aboard the ship on the way to America from England.
        Erastus Bingham's family joined the church in 1833. He lived in Kirtland Ohio, Far West, and helped to build the Nauvoo temple. He later traveled to Salt Lake City with other pioneers in 1846. He worked as a homesteader, farmer, and rancher first in Salt Lake and then in Ogden. He served as Bishop for 17 years and also in the govenment as a judge of Weber County, in the legislature, and as a selectman. Bingham's Fort was named for him.

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